Heritage Management

The ways in which we understand and manage 'heritage' are changing rapidly.

Our Heritage Management team is the first point of contact for organisations or individuals looking for advice or information on historic environment in South Wales.

In Caring for Heritage some of our key objectives are:

  • To ensure through proactive management the protection of finite, irreplaceable and vulnerable archaeological sites and information.
  • To provide archaeological information
  • To provide input to government consultations on proposed legislation and procedures, and to monitor the effectiveness of government legislation, advice, circulars and best professional practices
  • To provide management/liaison services countryside initiatives, and for activities concerning the marine environment.

We work closely with officers in the unitary authorities in south east Wales, and staff in Natural Resources Wales, the Wye and Gower Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority on the best ways to manage and promote monuments in their areas.


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The Heritage Management section is the first point of contact for people or groups looking for advice on historic monuments in Glamorgan and Gwent, either because they have found something they think is of importance and want an expert opinion, or because they would like to restore or promote a monument in their community.