Caring for Churches


The parish churches of Wales were founded in some cases over a thousand years ago. Usually the oldest buildings in their communities that are still in use, they preserve a wealth of information as to how the people around them felt and thought, lived and died. We can sit in their pews, and look at their memorials and the texts and images provided for their spiritual education. All these things need to be actively curated.

Thanks to a programme of research funded by Cadw in the 1990s, we have information on the development of all the medieval churches in Glamorgan and Gwent, summarised in the Historic Environment Record and available to inform the people who have the task of making sure that our churches remain relevant in the modern age. For more than 15 years, members of the Trust’s heritage team have sat on the Swansea and Brecon Diocesan Advisory Committee, which considers proposals for development and change in the Church in Wales, in order to ensure the historic environment is properly protected. Information is also available on request to the other dioceses in our area (Llandaff and Monmouth).

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