Historic Environment Record

Role of the HER: To provide a record of archaeological and historical sites of all periods

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Role of the HER

The regional Historic Environment Records compiled and maintained by the four Welsh Archaeological Trusts aim to provide a comprehensive catalogue of archaeological and historical sites, monuments, and finds of all periods throughout Wales. These are constantly up-dated and expanded as new information becomes available.

The Trust is responsible for the maintenance, management, enhancement and preservation of this resource and actively promotes consultation of and access to the record for all parties. In order to safeguard this resource the Trust has established The Glamorgan-Gwent HER Charitable Trust to hold these records. New records are transferred to this Trust on a regular basis.

Education of the public in archaeology is the primary aim of the Trust for which the Historic Environment Record is a vital resource. The HER provides a central point of contact for individuals or groups researching the archaeology of their local area within Southeast Wales. We often take the digital record 'on the road' to public shows and events to raise awareness of archaeology and further inform the public about their heritage. A dedicated workstation is provided at the Trust for the use of visitors to the HER. The current, main objective of the HER is to increase accessibility to the digital record through publishing information online.

The Historic Environment Record also plays an integral role in heritage management, facilitating the management of individual sites as well as the landscape as a whole. Heritage management aims to manage and protect the archaeological resource through a number of schemes such as Tir Gofal and Better Woodland for Wales.

The record is also used to inform planning and development decisions; development control officers can provide advice based on the record to local planning authorities and contractors. This allows the impact upon the archaeological resource by a development to be adequately assessed. If archaeological work is undertaken as a result of development, the information gained from such works is fed back into the HER, thus enhancing the record for future use.

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