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    Historic Landscapes

    Work examining the historic character of areas defined by the Register of Historic Landscapes in Wales.

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    Ynysfach Ironworks

    Watch the 3D animation, view the reconstruction drawings, and learn all about this important site and the work GGAT carried out there.

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    Discover the Past

    From here you can travel through time and find out about some of the many projects that GGAT have undertaken.

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    Visit our Research page to learn all about our Cadw funded projects in Southeast Wales.

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Arfordir Coastal Heritage Between 2010 and 2015 GGAT carried out a project, funded with grant-aid from Cadw, designed to identify new sites and monitor the condition and impact of erosion on archaeological sites in the coastal zone. Visit site

First World War

1914-1918 Legacy of the War in Wales The Welsh Archaeological Trusts, Cadw and the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales are all exploring the effects the war had on our landscapes, buildings and culture. Learn More

3D Models

3D Models In order to makes some of its excavations, finds and archaeology of the area as accessible and inclusive as possible, the Trust has been building interrogatable 3D models for people to view. View models

Cardiff Castle Excavations

Cardiff Castle Excavations Cardiff Castle is one of the most significant heritage assets in the Principality. In 2005 the Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust carried out excavations in the castle. These pages provided information about those excavations and the post-excavation works that are currently underway Learn more

About Us

We are one of the four Welsh Archaeological Trusts, established in the mid 1970s with the object of educating the public in archaeology. The Trusts are based on the county areas of Clwyd-Powys, Dyfed, Glamorgan-Gwent and Gwynedd. We provide a large range of archaeological and heritage services, including the management of the Historic Environment Record, undertaking archaeological research, excavations, survey, publishing reports, the production of advice, information, training and the presentation of knowledge. The Trust is an independent limited company with charitable status that employs professional archaeological and heritage staff.

Please see here to find out more about us, our activities and our forward strategy