Lowland Settlement and High Status Survey

Southeast Wales has a rich heritage of Medieval and Post-medieval sites. Many of the larger, upstanding monuments have been designated Scheduled Ancient Monuments, but the vast majority of sites have not been classified and the condition of most is unknown. These sites are vital to our understanding of the Medieval and Post-medieval periods.

A study of lowland settlement sites in Glamorgan and Gwent and high status settlement sites in Glamorgan and Gwent appraised some 285 medieval/early post-medieval lowland settlements and related sites, assessing 140 of these (including 25 Scheduled Ancient Monuments) and visiting a sample of 27 sites, and 277 high status settlement sites, assessing 58 (including 19 Scheduled Ancient Monuments) in detail and visiting a sample of 16 high status sites. The results of the projects indicated that a significant number of sites potentially of National significance/Regional significance would benefit from further archaeological investigation to enhance existing records and establish their exact nature/extent/condition and full significance.