Current and Recent Work

The HER has an ongoing work programme to improve the quality and content of the record as well as to improve accessibility to information. Here is just some of the work we have carried out recently

Access to Archaeology Volunteer Project - over the last 5 years volunteers have been working with the HER team to enter information from some 2,000 archaeological reports dating between 1975 and 2006. A big thank you to all our volunteers! To read more about the project and the experiences of the volunteers, visit the project blog site . As part of the project over 1,000 archaeological reports are now available through Archwilio. A thank you also goes out to the organisations who have given permission to allow their reports to be made available – at the moment reports are available from Cotswold Archaeology, Monmouth Archaeology and Wessex Archaeology as well as those from GGAT. This year will be the last year of the project, which will see records compiled for information up to 2008 and more digital reports made available.

Digital Record Descriptions - over the last few years over 3,500 digital records have had descriptions created from paper source files to improve the content and accessibility of the record, this year will see the remaining 700 records completed.

Links to Church in Wales Records - links have been made between the HER and records of historic assets held by the Church in Wales, found in their Church Heritage Record

Some of the other larger tasks this year will focus on:

Linking to the Canal and River Trust information – a pilot exercise was undertaken for the Swansea Canal. This year will see the incorporation of information for the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal.

Incorporation of the remainder of locally listed sites – work on the Cardiff local list was undertaken last year and work on the remaining lists will be undertaken this year.

Implementation of a Welsh language service – HER enquiries and correspondence is welcomed in Welsh and English.

Improvement to the locational accuracy of records –this year work will be undertaken to improve the locational accuracy of records in Monmouthshire.


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Archwilio provides public access to the historic environment records (HERs) for each local authority area in Wales.

It includes (or provides access to) information on tens of thousands of historic sites or investigative work across Wales. The HERs are maintained on behalf of the Welsh Ministers by the four regional Welsh Archaeological Trusts and in fulfilment of the requirements of the Historic Environment (Wales) Act 2016.