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Welcome to our second season at Oystermouth Castle

This year we will be reopening and enlarging the trench outside the western gate tower, trying to find out more about the ditch that ran round outside the castle. We will also be digging two small trenches round the back of the castle, as this area is put forward as being the outer bailey. Read more about the history of the castle

Public Involvement

These web pages have been created to provide you with information about the Oystermouth Castle Project, our aim is to give the project a strong public archaeology element which we hope you will enjoy.

We will be digging every day between 7th and 25th June (although we expect to spend most of 7th getting set up and most of 25th filling in our trenches!). Visitors are welcome, and we will be arranging site visits for the general public, schools and local archaeology groups. Volunteers working on the project will have the opportunity to make their voice heard, in various formats- textual, visual, or audio -which can be viewed elsewhere on this site.