Sully Island stone structure

The Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust was contacted by Dr Julian Whitewright, Senior Investigator (Maritime) at the RCAHMW, regarding two sites on the foreshore of Sully Island, Sully, Vale of Glamorgan.

The remains had been uncovered by environmental and coastal action. Given their fragility, it was considered likely that a level of destruction of the exposed features will be inevitable, from either the natural elements, or human action.

A preliminary site visit was carried out on 23rd June 2021 to confirm the information provided and to undertake a rapid photographic survey of both the possible cist and timber wreck. Following this, a more formal recording of the sites along with a degree of archaeological intervention, was proposed.  

A submission by GGAT Archaeological Services to Cadw for funding to undertake the emergency recording of the sites was requested and granted. 

The possible cist feature had been previously buried beneath a shingle beach and mud flats until exposed in 2021. 

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