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This is a summary version of 'The Welsh Archaeological Trusts Guidelines for Access and Charging'. The full document can be accessed as a pdf from this page or is available upon request.

Conditions Of Access To The Record

*Third party restrictions do not apply to production of client reports or publications by enquirers.

** We will refuse requests by those who we deem unfit or likely to misuse information, this policy is in line with 1993 Environmental Information Regulations and the 1998 Freedom of Information Bill which recommend protection of sensitive environmental information. Those who wish to challenge our decision can do so through an appeal to The Chairman, the Welsh Archaeological Trusts Committee, c/o Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust, 7a Church St., Welshpool, Powys, SY21 7DL.

*** We do not wish to see a proliferation of databases covering the region. Thus, on occasions, we will refuse requests for excessive amounts of information.

The structure and content of the Glamorgan-Gwent HER is the copyright of the GGAT HER Charitable Trust. Where external sources of information have been used in the compilation of the Record, these have been acknowledged.

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